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Traditional Kung-Fu, Modern-Day Application

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About Concepts of Fighting

On the Concepts of Fighting website, you’ll find information regarding Sifu G and his training / teaching system for Chinese Kung Fu. The website is centered on 4 major sections via the information below. Click the “More Info” link below to obtain more details.

Group Training

Whether it's Martial Arts or Martial ExerciseTM, Sifu G's group trainings are designed to challenge your body and mind. Click the ``More Info`` link below to get more details.

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Online Training

Now you can learn Sifu G's techniques, even if you're not local. His online training programs incorporate live and pre-recorded video trainings. Click the ``More Info`` link below.

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Individual Training

Get private, one-on-one training directly from Sifu G in person or through online mediums. Either way, you'll have 100% of his attention. Click the ``More Info`` link below.

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Corporate Training

There are many successful business principles taught and learned in Kung Fu. Sifu G can customize a talk for your company, Click the ``More Info`` link below to get more details.

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What we do

Traditional Kung Fu has is famous for the animal styles developed thousands of years ago by ancient monks. Through intense training and instruction, Sifu G has preserved the traditional styles and their movements and teaches you the modern-day application of these styles to develop you into a formidable martial artist.


Unorthodox, Mysterious, and Quick, the Praying Mantis is the style everyone in the class learns as the most practical Kung-Fu style outside the traditional fist and palm techniques. Practitioners of this style learn how to effectively utilize knees and elbow as a means to neutralizing an opponent.


Cunning, Fast, and Direct. The Snake style uses speed and pressure point attacks to quickly maim its opponents. This style is perfect for teaching quickness, accuracy, and the conditioning exercise are perfect for weight loss and loosing up your joints.


Mysterious, Majestic, and Powerful. The Black Panther is one of the more graceful Kung-Fu styles one can learn. The style combines fluid movements with powerful strikes to quickly neutralize the opposition. This style is perfect for large muscle conditioning and learning direct attacks.


Strong, Tough, and Vicious - The Tiger is the strongest of the animal styles in the martial arts system Sifu G’s teaches. Powerful movements coupled with the aggressiveness of a tiger, this style is perfect for strength development and bulking up through it Hung Gar exercises.


Swift, Graceful, and Fast - The Crane leverages speed coupled with quick long and short movements to pressure points and the joints. The style combines exceptional footwork and fast hand movements to construct graceful, dance-like fighting movements. This style is perfect for learning quickness and speed, and excellent balance.

Eagle Claw

Majestic, Agile, and Crippling – The Eagle Claw style is dedicated to leveraging extreme strength in the fingers which attacks the pressure points and joints. This style leverage agility, strength, and speed to make the practitioners very well rounded.


Meet the instructor that make it all happen.


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Sifu G's Skills

Over the years, Sifu G has built up a strong set of skill he utilizes to maintain & increase his fitness & martial arts prowess.

Hands 60%
Legs 40%
Fitness & Exercise 80%
Diet & Nutrition 80%
Teaching Ability 95%
Mentorship 86%


Practitioners choose CoF because we believe that learning traditions martial arts in a modern-day fashion is the most challenging and fulfilling way to increase your physical fitness and mental strength, while at the same time, boosting self-confidence (and self-esteem) in every area of your life.

“Your body can be the lean, fat-burning, weapon you’d like for it to be.” – Sifu G.

Even if your not interested in the combat portion of what Sifu G teaches, you can still be lean and ultra fit from his teachings.  When it comes to combat, weaponizing your body is essential for combat.

“Learn to master your mind, and you can master anything!” – Sifu G.

During Sifu G’s instructions, you’ll learn how to control your mind, instead of your mind controlling you.  His concepts will teach you how to think about martial arts to apply its principles in every area of your life.

“Your energy is going somewhere, learn how to purposefully direct it to benefit you or someone else.” – Sifu G.

For the practitioner who wants to learn about energy, Sifu G will instruct you in how to tap into your Chi energy for strength, control, healing, and during a combat situation.

Hand Combat

Hand-to-Hand Combat is going to be the foremost used fighting medium you will encounter.  Therefore, learning how to properly use your hands and feet are imperative.


Weapons are an extension of your hands.  In the Tai Mantis system, and most martial arts, weapons we essential to learn the full extent of the art.

Martial Mindset

Having the right mindset in learning martial arts will not only teach you how to utilize the techniques for combat, but will also provide life-long guidance in other areas of your life.

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